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MS Word shortcuts - Microsoft Word Shortcuts

MS Word shortcuts - Microsoft Word Shortcuts

Short Cuts of Microsoft Word

  1. ALT+F+A →Save as a duplicate copy of file.
  2. Alt+Shift+Enter key →New blank page.
  3. Ctrl+= →Format selected text into subscript.
  4. Ctrl+Shift++ →Format selected text into superscript.
  5. Ctrl+Shift+> →Increase size of selected text.
  6. Ctrl+Shift+< →Decrease size of selected text.
  7. Ctrl+1 →Give single line space to selected paragraph.
  8. Ctrl+2 →Give double line space to selected paragraph.
  9. Ctrl+A →Select all data of document.
  10. Ctrl+B →Make select text bold.
  11. Ctrl+C →Copy selected data to clipboard.
  12. Ctrl+D →Open font dialog box.
  13. Ctrl+E →Center aligns text.
  14. Ctrl+F →Open find and replace dialog box.
  15. Ctrl+G →Open go to tab in find replace dialog.
  16. Ctrl+H →Open replace tab in find replace dialog.
  17. Ctrl+I →Make selected text italic.
  18. Ctrl+J →Justify selected text.
  19. Ctrl+k →Open insert hyperlink dialog box.
  20. Ctrl+L →Align left the selected text.
  21. Ctrl+M →Give indent space.
  22. Ctrl+N Or (Alt+F+N) →create new file in word.
  23. Ctrl+O Or (Alt+F+O) →Open existing files.
  24. Ctrl+P Or (Alt+F+P) →Send the document to printer for printing.
  25. Ctrl+R →Align text to the right side of page.
  26. Ctrl+S Or (Alt+F+S) →Save created or modified files.
  27. Ctrl+T →Give only tab space.
  28. Ctrl+U →Make selected text underline.
  29. Ctrl+V →Paste data of clipboard to ducoment.
  30. Ctrl+W →Save and close document.
  31. Ctrl+X →Cut selected data and move to clipboard.
  32. Ctrl+Y →Redo current work.
  33. Ctrl+Z →Undo current Work.
  34. F1 →Open help windows.
  35. F2 →Move selected text any where.
  36. F5 →Open go to dialog box.
  37. F7 →Open spelling and grammar dialog box.
  38. F8 →Select data.
  39. F10 →Show hotkeys of menu bar.
  40. F12 →Open save as dialog box.
  41. Type- (Minus) →Key three times and press enter to get horizontal line.
  42. Type_ (Underscore) →three times then press enter key to get thick horizontal line.
  43. Type= (Equal) →Three times to get double horizontal line.
  44. Type~ (Symbol) →Three times to get curly horizontal line.
  45. Type# (Hash) →Three times to get triple horizontal line.
  46. Type* (Star) →Three times to get doted horizontal line.
  47. Shift+F3 →Change the case of selected text.
  48. Type+(Plus) or !(Pipe sign) with tab key and then press enter key to get table.
  49. Ctrl+] →Increase the size of selected text.
  50. Ctrl+[ →Decrease the size of selected text.
  51. Ctrl+F12 →Open file open dialog box.
  52. Ctrl+Home →Go to the fish line of first page.→→→→
  53. Ctrl+End →Go to the last line of last page.
  54. Ctrl+F2 →Move to the print preview mode.
  55. Ctrl+Shift+J →By force justify.
  56. Alt+V+U→Full screen in word.
  57. Shift+(up, down, left, right) →Select word by word
  58. =rand(Text) →Create paragraph in word  Ex.1, 2, 3 etc.]

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