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Windows Shortcuts Key

Windows key shortcuts of windows10, windows8, windows 7, windows xp, windows vista
windows key shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Windows key →Open start menu
  • Windows+A →Open action center (Windows10)
  • Windows+B →First Icon notification area (Usnig arrow key)
  • Windows+Ctrl+B →Open new massage notification area
  • Windows+D →Desktop
  • Windows+E →My computer/ This Pc/Windows explorer
  • Windows+F →Opend find box windows7/Open feedback hub windows10
  • Windows+Ctrl+F  →Open find computer
  • Windows+G →Gadgets windows7 old version/Open windows game bar windows10
  • Windows+K →Connection menu
  • Windows+L →Computer lock
  • Windows+M →Minimize windows
  • Windows+Shift+M →Restore Last minimize Windows
  • Windows+P →Projector connection setting
  • Windows+Q →Open search box
  • Windows+R →Run dialog box
  • Windows+T →Focus task bar
  • Windows+1, 2, 3 etc. → Open Taskbar program Ex: windows+1 →Open task bar first program
  • Windows+W →windows ink workspace
  • Windows+Y →Yahoo mail

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